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Aug 25, 2011 2:00am PDT
of breaking campaign contribution laws. >>> steve jobs, the matter mooind behind the iphone, ipad and other gats that rocked the world is resigning as ceo of apple. how he broke the news and who stepping up as apple's next chief executive is next. but here is our quote of the day. here's the quote. there are gonna be heads exploding all over washington. find out who said this and why. that's coming your way in 90 seconds. [ dog ] i have a gut feeling i am gonna ace this checkup. my vet thinks my insides are in mint condition. [ female announcer ] vets agree, a healthy checkup starts inside. our breakthrough iams premium protection formula is developed with vets with cutting edge ingredients for the lifelong health of your pet. [ dog ] healthy inside and out. come on, up high! [ female announcer ] iams premium protection. our most advanced iams nutrition. ever. [ dog ] i am an iams dog. ♪ woof. discover aveeno positively radiant tinted moisturizers with scientifically proven soy complex and natural minerals. give you sheer coverage instantly, then go on to even skin tone in four weeks. ave
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Aug 4, 2011 6:00am EDT
back to work. >> it's all mixed in together. i mean, just to talk about what steve was saying there. in the first day after they solved the debt ceiling crisis, they spent -- the u.s. government spent $239 billion. that's 60% of what they're supposed to spend in a week. which is $400 billion. is that scary? the u.s. government is spending $400 billion a week and in the first day, they spent 630%. if you think this debt ceiling debate is going away, it ain't. because that's how much dough they're spending in one day and yet, they're going to talk and get together to cut $1.5 trillion which would kind of be a drop in the bucket. >> before he was elected president of the united states, he was a law professor, does he have the experience to run the bigst economy in the world? fast forward now. here we are. he's the president, we're in economic trouble. eric cantor told "the wall street journal", the president is in over his head. >> when you ask what kind of negotiator he is, to me, it is -- it is not someone who has a grounding in what business is about in this country. i don't think
Aug 25, 2011 3:00am PDT
desperate by the second. >>> the end of an era at am. i'm carol costello. steve jobs, creator force behind apple, resigns. what will this mean for the company? the change the way you live on this "american morning." >>> good morning to you. it is thursday, august 25. welcome to "american morning." every day, it has been something else. something big happening. >> we want it to stop. >> i know. i need a flashlight, batteries. >> this hurricane is dodging all over the place. it is making landfall someplace. >> through the bahamas right now. east coast of the united states trying to figure out where it could land. category 3 storm delivering powerful blows to the southeastern and central islands. it is 115-mile-per-hour winds, heavy rains causing extensive damage. in some cases ripping homes right off of their foundations. now irene is making its way towards nassau. jim spelman is there with the latest. obviously you are getting blown around there. tell us what the late southwest on the ground. >> reporter: hey, christine. high of irene is 80 miles away from nassau. getting pounded all night.
Aug 25, 2011 7:00am EDT
a look at when and where it will hit. >>> after years of battling health problems, apple's ceo steve jobs say the day has come for him to resign. we'll bring you the latest on what this means for the company he founded, for wall street and for all those apple products. >>> and for nearly two years after his wife disappeared, josh powell is speaking out about the case and suspicions he may have been involved. >> people who know me know that i could never hurt susan. >> we'll hear more from josh's in-depth interview this thursday morning, august 25th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs >> and good thursday morning to you. boy, it's a beautiful sky out there now. may not be the case. >> don't get used to it. good morning erica, good morning, everyone. i'm chris wragge. here in the east all eyes on the hurricane getting bigger and bigger and faster and stronger by every hour. many on wall street are concentrating on the big announcement from apple after steve jobs says he can't do his job anymore as apple's ceo, raising serious questions about his health and future health
Aug 25, 2011 12:00pm PDT
their ceo steve jobs. anne makovec shows us how the cupertino-based company is doing today without one of its founders. >> i think everything is fine. everything is fine. >> reporter: one day after the resignation of steve jobs as apple's ceo, the products he inspired are still filling store shelves, shopping bags and pockets all over the world. >> i definitely have faith. i have faith in the company even though he's gone. >> reporter: steve jobs is almost as iconic as brand itself. his resignation has people talking. the phrase ceo of apple and the name of his replacement tim cook were some of the most used phrases on twitter this morning. >> he has something like obama, something special. >> reporter: jobs burst on the tech scene in the '80s after creating apple in a silicon valley garage. he unveiled the macintosh computer in 1984, was forced out as ceo in '85 and returned in the '90s to revive the brand. he was last seen in january after coming out of medical leave. he had battled pancreatic cancer and had a liver transplant. then yesterday the announcement he resigned for good. it
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Aug 15, 2011 1:00am EDT
street journal and editor. dan, and columnist mary ogradey and steve moore. mary annie, are we headed for another recession? >> i wish i knew. on the one side, you have a lot of talk about what glate shape corporate balance sheets are in. but the national fed federation of business. >> that is the small businesses. >> it declined for the fifth month in a row and 10 percent of the small business owners said that only 10 percent expected an increase in employment and 11 percent said they expected to have fewer workers over the next 3months. small business is such a key to the health of the economy that if the small business sector is so negative, it is not a good sign about the health of the recovery. >> steve comparison with 2008, are all over the place. are we better or worse off going into thoo recession? >> i don't think it is 2008 again. i believe what is happening with the u.s. economy is a repudiation of obama nomics. virtually everything that obama has done with the respect to the economy is negative in my opinion and led to more unemployment. this is a repudiation of the econom
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Aug 20, 2011 1:00am PDT
for deportation. critics call this backdoor amnesty that has not gone through congress. bring in the panel. steve hayes, for stand stand. arn"weeklystandard." nina easton. and charles krauthammer. >> one thing, this reflects a political calculation, a realistic calculation by the president. the approval ratings are kind of falling like untethered elevator at this point. he is in the doghouse with the latino voters. he came in with the expectation there would be some level of immigration reform. instead what he focused on is deportation to tune of 400,000 a year. that has the lay te know community extremely angry. so he is moving, i think moving toward the policy. yes, it's a backdoor policy. i think that the problem with it is that it misses the component when you leave people here, it misses the component of amnesty, which most of the public supports, which earning your way here. it's too bad that the political atmosphere became so poisonous over this question of path to citizen, by the way, three-quarters of the american people supports that we, the he is not going through the front door with t
FOX News
Aug 19, 2011 1:00am PDT
: moments ago in new hampshire. what about all of this? bring in the panel. steve hayes, for "weekly standard." jeff zelney, political correspondent for "new york times." syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. charles, perspective and analysis here. >> well, the critics are right. it is late. but we sell-that criticism over and over in the last half year now over the delay. the administration deserves credit for what it did. "a," calling for the resignation. "b," coordinating it well with britain, and germany. the other leaders at the same time. "c" the sanctions. the embargo on sales of oil. that would be important if it was europe yap embargo as well. so having a european boycott would be important. last isolating it and condemning it. even,000 though it has my mall effect. worth doing over and over again. syria analysislated and always has been. since it aligned its with the non-arab iran years ago. this accentuates that. isolation in the ray rab world means something. lastly, we still have the ambassador on the ground. we sent him with the french ambassador a few weeks ago to
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Aug 14, 2011 6:00am EDT
the straw poll. steve brown is in ames, iowa with more on this, steve. >> yes, good morning, juliet, clayton and mike. over 16,000 folks came here, a pretty good turnout for the straw poll and there she is, michele bachmann on top of the his. how close ron paul got with far less buzz and far less participation here in iowa, directly himself. but, michele bachmann is the story, quite clearly coming out of the straw poll. she's the winner and not been in the campaign the longest and gotten it done through a lot of help here on the ground from iowans and last night after her victory, she wanted to thank her supporters. >> we love you. >> thank you, everyone. we love you, god bless you. god bless america. now it's on to all 50 states, god bless you everyone. >> now, if you're looking for a second tri story perhaps it belongs to rick santorum, a guy in the low single digit polls here in iowa and nationally and popped up to fourth, a really impressive showing given he has a little campaign money, but instead of money he invested the other valuable thing that he has, which is time. doing over 90 ca
Aug 26, 2011 2:05am PDT
that apple's founder steve jobs is stepping down sent people online to find out more about his health, his family and the stock. tim cook also garnered lots of searches. >>> celebrity breakups were big this week, as will and jada fended off rumors of divorce. and the talk host sara gilbert split from her longtime partner. >>> and finally, the web is buzzing with back to school. parents are looking for everything from healthy school snacks, to justin bieber backpacks, to school supply lists. and with school budgets in a pinch, lots of teachers are scrambling to put their classes together with fewer resources. you can help your child's xd teacher through the home room pages for home room teachers on yahoo!. we teamed up to help teachers and students get the supplies they need this fall. have a great weekend, guys. back to you. >> other things that were the death of nick ashford, from ashford simpson. and the hot sauce mom who got in trouble. >> that's right, who filmed that just to get on the dr. phil show. >> you'll be ready for back-to-school soon enough with your two young boys at home. >
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Aug 29, 2011 6:00pm PDT
caller, tucker carlson. democratic strategist, steve mcmahon. let's take a run down memory lane. if he's such a genius he would have not lost 2 1/2 million jobs, he would have cut the deficit in half like he promised. let's look at some of obama's gaffes that a lot of people didn't pay attention to. >> i've been in 57 states. on this memorial day, as our nation honors its broken line of fallen heroes, i see many in the audience here today. i don't know what the term is in treeian. wheeling and dealing. navy corpsman brushard. he responded to the men and women like corpsman brushard. >> sean: what is a navy corpsman? [ laughing ] >> i don't know sean. >> sean: he read it three times. he didn't know what a corpsman is. >> the conversation we should be having -- >> sean: listen, i want to have my conversation. i want to know what president obama doesn't know what a navy corpsman is, i want to know! that's my conversation. i ask the questions, you answer them. why did he said corpsman three times in one speech. >> sean, come on. >> sean: come on what? >> you are going to sit here and call
Aug 4, 2011 6:00pm EDT
, political columnist, steve. political reporter from the washington post. and matt lewis, con strib outer for the daily call. first question, are republicans ultimate promise breakers. is they explicitly reneging on entitlement programs for elderly americans. check out what eric can'tor told the wall street journal. >> get the fiscal house in order. come to grips that promises have been made that frankly won't be kept for many. promises are not going to be kept. generations of americans have banked on the fact that medicare and social security will get them through retirement. they will not admit they will default on that promise. >> that quote right there gets two big issues i think and one is it gets to problem republicans were having before the whole debt ceiling issue came to a head. that's when they were proposing the paul ryan overhaul of medicare that turned into a voucher program. you saw how poisonous and unpopular that was. it cost them a special election that they should have won. if that's the language they put forward is causes them problems. but the more immediate issue is h
Aug 7, 2011 8:00am PDT
. >> the "roundtable" on the policy and politics required to turn this country around. steve rattner, mastermind of the auto industry bailout. mellody hopson investment fund manager and tea party congressman jason chaffetz join george will and cokie roberts. >>> and the deadliest day in afghanistan. 33 troops perish as taliban shoots down a helicopter. >> announcer: live from the newseum in washington, "this week with christiane amanpour" starts right now. >>> welcome to the program. we have lots to get to today. but first, some news since your morning papers. the pentagon is starting to paint a fuller picture of what exactly happened on the deadliest attack on american forces since the start of the war in afghanistan nearly ten years ago. 30 americans and 8 afghans were killed yesterday when the taliban shot down their chinook helicopter. among the dead are 22 elite navy s.e.a.l.s. abc's s reign correspondent martha raddatz joins me with the very latest. what about that community, the forces and their families? >> this is such a small community. there are only 300 s.e.a.l.s on s.e.a.l. team 6.
Aug 22, 2011 8:00pm EDT
to tell the story. first, a member of the research committee and steve and i did a thing called investing on children. we are just about out of copies, but it is available on our web site if you would like to have a copy. none of the papers exceed 300,000 words, which is three good when it is also dollars. he is going to give an overview with special attention to headstart, and he concludes headstart is underperforming. the obama administration has proposed a provocative and well- thought-out reform and based on recommendations of the committee for read designation hryvna 4 re-designation, -- recommendations of the committee for re-resignation, and she will describe headstart reforms, and then after these presentations, we are going to have recommendations from a panel people. we have had a long history as practitioners. first, the head of the national association for education of young children, who was also a member of the re-designation committee. our next guest is here from the university of chicago and is one of the most accomplished people who have defended head start on the basis o
Aug 12, 2011 4:30am EDT
-year-old steve stricker has the lead after some great approach shots and even better putts. he tied a tournament record with a 63, 7 strokes under par. tiger woods had his worst ever round in the tournament. he finished with a 77, 7 over par. if he doesn't make the cut today, he will not be eligible for a pga event for six weeks. >>> when we return another look at this morning's top stories. >>> and the dougherty gang gets their day in court. one of many the three siblings could face in three different states. by unleashing a complete killing force against fleas and ticks. and not just adult fleas. what makes frontline plus complete is that it breaks the flea life cycle killing adults, eggs and larvae. and it keeps killing fleas and ticks all month long. that's why it's the #1 choice of vets for their pets, and yours. unleash a complete killing force in every dose of frontline plus. summertime is now a happy time. when we can eat what we want and sleep soundly through the night. prevacid®24hr prevents the acid that causes frequent heartburn, all day, all night. >>> on the "cbs morn
Aug 20, 2011 6:00am EDT
to determine if in fact the tornado did touchdown. >>> another withdrbrutal week o street. as steve handelsman reports, worse economic news hey still be on t on the horizon. >> reporter: the dow down 1.6% after jpmorgan chase sounded the alarm. >> what we've had to live through has been a massive rebase of expectations for second half growth. >> reporter: the hugh prediction is our growth new the end of 2011 will be just 1%, not 2.5%. another worrisome sign, oil prices are relatively low. >> everyone's talking about the potential of a double dip. >> reporter: a double dip, a return to recession. there's worry one could start this fall. >> i think that would be a tremendous blow to business confidence, consumer confidence, neither which have is particularly strong right now. and i think you're worried about a spiraling effect of getting a much sharper pull back. >> reporter: stock and high tech powerhouse hewlett-packard plunged 21%. bank of america, largest lender in the nation, will cut as many as 10,000 employees. 3.5%, workers like hark white. >> our team has shrunk from 17 people to about
Aug 10, 2011 12:00pm PDT
woods. the man whose back we see there is this man. this is steve williams, 12 years on tiger's bag, 72 wins including 13 major championships. recently dumped by tiger. now working for sunday's winner, adam scott. and judging by his remarks, steve williams is not happy with mr. woods. listen. >> i was absolutely shocked that i got the boot to be honest with you. i catered to the guy for 13 years, incredibly loyal to the guy and i got short shifted. very disappointing. >> when steve was your guy, he never talked to the media or very rarely talked to the media after an event. last week he said a lot of things, were you surprised by that? >> yeah. >> mike three in the front please. >> that was tiger woods. sort of speaking today from the atlanta athletic cup. i guess you could say tiger has been pretty tight lipped about the divorce from steve williams, would you say? >> yeah, it's been typical tiger, i would say. he's been an exhert at averting the questions. he addressed it without addressing it. caddies do get fired all the time, but in steve williams' defense, this became a real person
Aug 7, 2011 7:00am EDT
? caller: i have to agree with you steve and both democrats and republicans are to blame but particular peeved at republicans who are now coming out and claiming they're true conservatives and concerned about the deficit and they kept on saying debt doesn't matter and this was proved and on the business. they pursued policy where they spent and gave us this brutal accounting where we were of the impression that the depressions but five hundred billion. this one came understanding that the deficit is actually a little over or well over a trillion dollars. and you can't trust politicians. they are in the business of spending it's so embarrass together listen to them from day to day. i wasn't born in america i came from jamaica and i know what this is now taking hold of jamaica from the united states america in terms of the income disparity and what it's going to do to the country and we see that trying to divide the country. it's unfair. if you earn 8% of the wealth in the country you should pay 8% of the taxes it's ridiculous people that earn 20% of the wealth in the country are paying g
Aug 12, 2011 8:00pm EDT
book on that position, historically in the united states. steve also was the coleader last year with former secretary of defense, bill perry with an assessment of the 2010th quadrennial defense review that seems like 100 years ago already in time so we time so we knew it fiscal issues the deficit debate was far different than in the aftermath of the n-november of a drug revolution when the tea party came to town and everything else happened has been subsequently what would like to do this morning is to begin by myself posing some questions to each of the panelists to frame the discussion and then of course go to you because we are fortunate enough to have television coverage today. when we go to the crowd, please identify yourself, wait for a microphone and ask a short question cannot be specific about who you are addressing it to if you would. i want to begin with alice because i think for a number of reasons that brought perspective on what this recent to accomplish is worth to understand before you get into specifics about its implications might eat maybe what they should be
Aug 30, 2011 6:00am EDT
's on your cover. steve jobs, how he droef apple to victory, how he changed our world. i think 20, 30, 50 years from now, i think we see this man as our thomas edison. he is not only our thomas edison. he's been in a way been our thomas edison, he's been our beatles. he has changed the publishing industry. he's changed the record industry. he has changed the cell phone industry, the computing industry, he's changed movies, he's changed the way we lived. he's changed the way we get information. and the most remarkable thing about his story and few commercials -- i remember 20 years later, i remember actually, i was actually in the house gym. and i was walking exhausted at 6:30, i'd finished working out. i was going back to work. and a commercial came on. and it was a think different commercial. i froze in my tracks -- this was when microsoft was at the top of the world. i froze in my tracks, looked up at the tv set, and like the lemming i am -- i said to myself at that moment, i have to get an apple. i had never had an apple. i walked -- of course i didn't get it. but he came out with comp
FOX News
Aug 2, 2011 10:00am PDT
into a deadly bomb more than 16 years ago. just a little bit can be made into bombs like this. steve centanni is live in washington to tell us more. >> reporter: this new government crackup would force anyone selling or buying ammonium nitrate to register with the government. it comes two weeks after the latest example of the fertilizer's destructive capability. a nor we june man bombed a government building in oslo. the most notable example was 15 years ago when timothy mcveigh bombed the federal building in oklahoma city. his attack killed 168 people and injured hundreds. congress was asked to regulate the fertilizer in 2007 but there was opposition from the government because of the record keeping. they would lou their names to be checked against terror watchlists. january net that polwatchlists. the fertilizer industry says unfortunately regulation is necessary in a statement their spokesperson says, this provides for an added layer of public safety trial preserving the fertilizer for its intended use. shannon: steve centanni, the latest in washington. thank you, steve. nothing illegal ab
Aug 23, 2011 7:00am EDT
the rebels are and what their agenda is. host: we will talk about that a little bit more with steve coming in about 15 minutes. who are the rebel forces and who is in that opposition government? the "washington times" on the oil situation in the country. the u.s. not likely to benefit from the drop in oil prices. the "financial times" story. here is that a headline on oil. l.i., n.y., republican. caller: i am so tired of listening to the u.s. going out all over the world helping other countries. it is a lovely, but we are spending so much money in ways. what many in the u.s. have no jobs. we have so many problems and such high debt and risk spending all of this money outside of the country. i hope we are helping these people with their money not ours. we cannot help all of these people. that is why we are in such a big troubles. it is nice to hate -- help these people, but they hate as anyway. host: here is another view. . -- viewpoint. we cut to a democrat in philadelphia. caller: i believe our role should decrease as far as involvement and increase more so towards these spectators. where
Aug 5, 2011 5:30am EDT
a two under 68. he's six shots back of adam scott who incidentally is using woods' former caddy, steve williams. wouldn't that be a fun sunday pair figure that happens? >>> to baseball, giants and phillies in san francisco. grass slick for the phillies ball boy here, coming out -- kind of -- that's the bat boy taking a dive. giants threatening in the fourth. cliff lee strikes out cody ross, swinging to end the inning. in the ninth, lee gets ross looking. cliff lee tosses a complete game shutout. that pitching staff in philadelphia is ridiculous. phillies blank the giants 3-0. >>> alex rodriguez's publicist says the yankee third baseman is looking forward to cooperating with major league baseball as it investigates his alleged involvement in illegal high-stakes poker games. a-rod recovering from knee surgery in tampa had no comment. >>> the yankee have now won seven straight games. nova, the kid, struck out ten white sox batters in a-2 win. the yankees -- 7-2 win. the yankees on fire. boston lost to cleveland the yankees-red sox tied for first place in the american league east. they beg
Aug 7, 2011 12:00pm EDT
] >> host: you mentioned the french revolution, i want to read this e-mail that came many from steve of the hollywood conservative forum. he writes about "demonic": >> guest: i am so happy to hear that. thank you, mr. steve whatever his name -- i agree. i love those chapters. and what was interesting when i was writing about the friend of rev -- french revolution was that i have a lot of smart friends, certainly better educated -- i went to public schools -- and so many of them who can tell me detail about, you know, every king of england and russian czars and be what colonial america was like knew almost nothing about the french revolution. and i, therefore, concluded they're hiding it from us. it's a very important contrast, the french revolution, and the american revolution. in fact, i wanted to start with the french revolution chapters and, consistent coincidentally,y hollywood producer friends told me, no, he'd read some of the chapters for him. i can't thank him. i'm the only person who has to check with people so i don't ruin their careers. he said, no, you've got to start wit
FOX News
Aug 24, 2011 8:00am PDT
% for three more years at least. steve morris senior economics writer for the "wall street journal," that caught our eye for sure, steve, why so slow before we're dropping significantly? >> this is the slowest expansion, jenna we've seen since the great depression. a lot of these economic programs to revive the economy and create jobs haven't worked, and the cbo really acknowledged that today saying as you said for three more years we'll be above 8%. that is somewhat polyannish. a economists say we'll stay close to 9% if we don't get out of this recession. there is a lot of talk about a double-dip recession. the other thing in this report is over the last three years the federal government will have borrowed $4 trillion. jenna: wow, $4 trillion. here is the other headline based on that borrowing headline as well. the cbo based on projections that are far from certain say their projected budget deficits have been cut in half since the last time they put out this report. is that good news, bad news, how are we supposed to take it? >> two words, jenna, rosey scenario. i think that is
FOX News
Aug 30, 2011 1:00pm EDT
disappeared. now josh's father, steve, has come forward, he is apparently a singer-songwriter as well, and he is claiming that he had a sexual relationship with his own daughter-in-law. and saying that at least one of the songs on his album about forbidden love was written for susan. >> but the fact that he has the judges now, they can confirm that she initiated the relationship that we had, that it was, you know, very sexually charged. megyn: what are we to make of this? joining me now, criminal defense attorney joey jackson and legal analyst mercedes cohen. we have to break this down because this case is getting more and more bizarre. basically, the husband is named a person of interest because his excuse was i wasn't anywhere around when she disappeared, i took my two kids out for a camping trip in the middle of a blizzard overnight, my two young toddlers. fine. joey, the father in law comes forward and what exactly is he claim something. >> it's kind of bizarre, the father in law for whatever reason -- meanwhile his daughter-in-law is missing and all eyes turned on to where she is after t
Aug 18, 2011 11:00pm EDT
over the road. days after the crash steve barkette told us he was driving down branch avenue that night, saw agent johnson speeding and weaving, called 911, then watched as a prince george's county county patrol officer pulled alongside johnson's suv, then drove off. >> i think if the cruiser would have pulled him over, that kid's life may have been saved. >> reporter: the fbi dismissed johnson shortly after the crash. he'd been assigned to attorney general eric holder's security detail. >> in my mind it doesn't matter who the perpetrator is. the tragedy is still the same. the loss is the same and we will pursue the case as aggressively as any case. >> reporter: adrian johnson could get 10 years in prison if convicted. prince george's state's attorney angela alsobrooks says she'll be appealing to the maryland state assembly general next year for tougher penalties for convictions of drunk driving cases. >>> european banks sent american investors on edge and sent the dow dropping today. it closed below the 11,000 mark. oil tumbled more than $5 a barrel and all told set another record and
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